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November 2019 Archives

The impact of a new marriage on alimony

New Jersey residents might be surprised to learn that almost half of new marriages in the United States include at least one person that has been married before. People are not giving up on matrimony, but there might be a few more things to discuss the second time around. Topics like existing child support and alimony can become a point of contention if a couple does not come up with a solid plan ahead of time. 

Agree to disagree? How to approach topic of divorce mediation

Each year, New Jersey couples decide to end their marriage. Each divorce is different, and people may choose to call it quits for any number of reasons. Many people have serious concerns about struggling through a contentious split, and one thing that can help calm the waters is divorce mediation

Is your spouse refusing to cooperate with divorce mediation?

If your spouse has reluctantly agreed to use mediation to settle your divorce, you may have misgivings about how the process will go. Mediation requires the cooperation and commitment of both spouses, and if your soon-to-be-ex intends to fight you along the way, you may be justified in having doubts.

Single Bell Rock: Divorce and the holidays

Winter is fast approaching, and some New Jersey residents have already spotted some snowflakes. The holiday season has officially begun, and many people are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. For families dealing with divorce, it is natural to feel sad or anxious. It can seem overwhelming to find a new normal during a divorce, but learning a few holiday hacks will help a divorcee feel calm and confident.

Property division and the family pet

Sometimes, when a couple prepares to marry, they agree on a pre-nup. Especially in situations where one or both parties has assets that they want to protect in the event of a divorce, a pre-nup can specify such terms ahead of time. When it comes to divorce and the property division that occurs, many people may wonder who gets "custody" of a family pet. New Jersey couples may want to consider a pet-nup. 

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