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February 2018 Archives

3 reasons you need a pre-nuptial agreement

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were mainly talked about when it came to high-profile divorces, such as those between celebrities. However, nowadays, with the changing cultural landscape around marriage and divorce, prenuptial agreements make a lot of sense for a wide variety of couples planning to marry.

Mediating a high conflict custody case is possible

As this blog has discussed previously, there are some situations in which it is best for parents and those involved in a custody dispute to admit that mediation is just not an appropriate forum in a particular case, even though divorce mediation or other forms of child custody mediation certainly have their benefits.

What will a court look for when determining custody?

Because the focus of any custody order is the best interests of the children involved, and because what is in the best interests of a child can change, it makes sense that New Jersey courts should consider a number of factors before deciding upon have the option of reviewing a custody and parenting time arrangement in a divorce or paternity case.

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