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Agree to disagree? How to approach topic of divorce mediation

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

Each year, New Jersey couples decide to end their marriage. Each divorce is different, and people may choose to call it quits for any number of reasons. Many people have serious concerns about struggling through a contentious split, and one thing that can help calm the waters is divorce mediation

Many divorces result from disagreements that are seemingly insurmountable between spouses. People may be aware that, in many cases, divorce mediation can make the divorce process less expensive, quicker and less traumatic on the family unit. An expert in the field has offered a few handy tips to broach the topic. 

A good conversation starter might be to highlight ways in which divorce mediation can benefit both parties. When it seems as if a face to face conversation might end in an argument, one might consider sending an email or text message so words can be carefully chosen. It is best not to be pushy, and in many cases, an attorney that is familiar with divorce mediation might even be able to reach out to an estranged spouse on a client’s behalf. 

Divorce is an emotional process, and making decisions about division of property, child custody and other matters can be stressful. Successful divorce mediation can alleviate some of the apprehension and help people reach a peaceful resolution. A New Jersey resident that hopes mediation would be beneficial should contact an experienced attorney to learn more. Though mediation can help keep things civil, divorce is also a legal process, and an attorney can help a client get through the court proceedings and begin an exciting new chapter.