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September 2018 Archives

What can you do to prepare to talk about property division?

As previous posts here have mentioned, there are quite a number of potential issues to prepare to address in a divorce case. But, for many people, besides the issues that deal with their children, the main concern is property division. So, what can you do to be prepared to talk about property division options in your divorce case?

How do I escape an abusive marriage?

If you have attempted to leave an abusive relationship before, you are aware of the threatening, controlling and intimidating tactics your spouse uses to keep you under his or her control. Like many New Jersey residents in the same situation, you may have given up hope of ever being free from physical or emotional abuse.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Thousands of New Jersey residents go through the divorce process each year. Although no one enters into a marriage with expectations that a divorce may be necessary at some point in the future, the reality is that divorce is fairly common. In many cases, there is no one to blame; it would just be better for everyone involved if the marriage came to an end. If you are still able to maintain a somewhat decent relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, divorce mediation may be an option to help get you through the divorce process a bit more smoothly.

Elderly people weigh the consequences of "gray divorce"

Like most major decisions in life, divorce comes with "pros" and "cons" to consider. For instance, couples with minor children will want to consider how the divorce will affect the lives of their children, particularly when it comes to different child custody arrangements. Or, those who have prenuptial agreements will likely want to consider what their financial situation will be in post-divorce life. Depending on the situation, the factors to weigh in this decision can be daunting.

The basics about prenuptial agreements

Most of our readers in New Jersey know that prenuptial agreements - or "prenups" - are agreements that couples enter into prior to marriage to come to terms on potential issues if the marriage ends in divorce. Many people probably think, "That's not very romantic." And, just before a wedding, it probably isn't. However, these agreements can be negotiated and signed months prior to a marriage. There are some basics about prenuptial agreements that New Jersey residents should know.

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