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April 2018 Archives

3 social media tips during a divorce

In today's digital landscape, divorce is nothing like it used to be. Matters that once remained private can now be quickly broadcasted on a variety of social media platforms. Digital etiquette during a divorce is an important factor to consider.

Representation for alimony disputes

As a previous post on this blog discussed, an award of alimony is not a given in any type of divorce proceeding. Moreover, the amount and duration of the award can depend on a lot of different factors that are largely left up to the judge hearing the case.

Confidentiality: an advantage to divorce mediation

As this blog has discussed before, divorce mediation is an option for Marlton, New Jersey, residents who want to take an alternative route to litigating a family law issue. While not suitable for all cases, the process of mediation offers several advantages to a couple trying to solve problems related to custody, support or other family law issues.

More men receive alimony in divorce

There are many outdated gender norms that still plague society. One of the most common is that the man in a marriage should be the primary breadwinner. Decades ago, it was extremely common for men divorcing their wives to have to pay a certain amount in alimony. However, times change, and while the number of men who receive alimony from their wives is still low, it has started to increase in recent years. 

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