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November 2017 Archives

Job loss may or may not be basis for child support reduction

It is not unusual for a New Jersey parent who as an obligation to pay child support to fall on difficult times, particularly over the past several years when the economy was not very strong and the job market suffered. A parent who experiences a job layoff, for instance, may experience severe financial troubles, including difficulty paying his or her own basic bills.

How do you put a value on a small business?

Many New Jersey residents own their own businesses. Sometimes, this is just a small, part-time operation that supplements income from a husband and wife's day jobs. At other times, the business really takes on a life of its own and becomes the means of a couple's support and livelihood. Many small, privately-held businesses in New Jersey give families the ability to live a very comfortable life.

Why try divorce mediation in New Jersey?

Previous posts here have discussed various issues that New Jersey residents may encounter when going through the divorce process. From child support and alimony, to the reasons one can plead in the state's courts to request the marriage be dissolved, many of these have been discussed in the context of divorce litigation. While being prepared for discovery and going to court is important, in many cases individuals going through a divorce may want to consider alternative methods of resolving their issues.

The grounds for a divorce in New Jersey

Many married couples throughout New Jersey experience bumps and challenges in their relationships that can test the commitment of the partners to their shared martial experience. While in most cases partners can work through their differences and emerge from their conflicts with strong martial bonds, in some cases the bases of their disputes are so egregious that divorce becomes a necessary part of their relationship conversations. In fact, under New Jersey law, certain grounds of fault may be used to end marriages through divorce when martial partners cannot continue their legal relationships.

Divorcing after a short marriage

New Jersey is actually home to one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States. Roughly 9 percent of adults in the state divorce, and one component of this seems to be that people in New Jersey tend to marry at an older age. 

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