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Photo of Professionals at Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith, P.A.
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The Help You Need For Tough Custody And Support Problems

At Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith, P.A., our team of attorneys provides comprehensive and understanding counsel in family law and other legal matters that often overlap with family law (i.e., residential real estate related matters, business litigation, and criminal defense).

Our custody dispute lawyers work hard to reduce costs and stress through the negotiation of cooperative settlements when possible, as it can often lead to more customized agreements and it helps build a foundation for long-term collaboration between parents.

Still, some cases cannot be resolved this way and require a more aggressive stance in court. Our team offers more than 40 years of experience in litigation to address these needs. We will walk you through the process and advocate for your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Child Custody And Custody Modifications

New Jersey courts view child custody agreements as more about the child than about the parents. As with many divorce agreements, the best interests of the child comes into play in every decision. In an effort to foster better relationships between parents and children, the court makes decisions based on a variety of factors that consider the unique nature of individual families. Furthermore, as life changes after a divorce is final, modifications can be made to reflect the changing needs of each party in a divorce.

Child Support And Support Modifications

Child support is not necessarily a simple one-time calculation. Many factors influence how much one parent pays and how much another needs to create a stable environment for his or her children. New Jersey law allows for the allocation of funds in more customized ways, both during initial support negotiation and while modifying existing support orders.

Discuss your options in child support and child custody with our team of experienced Marlton lawyers. We can be reached online or by telephone toll-free at 856-795-9400.