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April 2020 Archives

Top tips include divorce mediation

Let's face it. Everything seems a bit topsy turvy lately, and New Jersey residents are among those millions of Americans that feel like ordinary tasks have become difficult to handle. Add divorce into the mix, and everything can quickly seem overwhelming. Many individuals are looking for tips to avoid extra stress, and when it comes to ending a marriage, divorce mediation may be a lifesaver. 

Does divorce have an impact on adult children's marriages?

There's an old adage that says the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. But can the same be said about divorce? Are New Jersey adult children that come from parents who divorce more likely to end up divorcing as well? Experts have found that although that is sometimes the case, there are also cases in which the opposite is true -- adult children often look at their parents' relationships and vow never to make those mistakes themselves.

Did you notice these signs before filing for divorce?

You might feel alone in your current journey, and that is understandable. This is a difficult time in your life, and you may not have given much thought to the idea of divorce before. But no matter how alone you feel, many other people in New Jersey have walked very similar paths. In fact, you might have noticed some of these common signs leading up to your own divorce.

Protecting kids from an angry parent during divorce

Not all marriages last a lifetime and some parents whose marriages do break down end their unions in an atmosphere of volatile emotions and high conflict. In New Jersey and elsewhere, this can be particularly difficult for children whose parents are going through this kind of a divorce. One parent may be angrier than the other and it's important to protect children from these kinds of hurtful emotions.

Should you divorce or stay together for the kids' sake?

Parents want to do what's best for their kids and often make sacrifices in doing so. But when parents -- of older children in particular -- are in an unhappy marriage and decide to put off divorce for the sake of their children, they need to weigh the pros and cons of both staying together or going their separate ways. What New Jersey parents should really be asking is how their marriage is affecting their children.

Financial security in the midst of divorce

These days marriage doesn't always mean "til death do us part." Since the stigma attached to divorce has all but been erased, more couples who have been in unhappy marriages for years are deciding to go their separate ways and suddenly people in their 50s and older are finding themselves single again. New Jersey residents in this situation should have a handle on how they can minimize the impact divorce has on their finances.

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