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February 2019 Archives

High-profile divorce case comes to a conclusion

Our readers in New Jersey are probably aware of one of the most high-profile divorce cases in the Northeast, and perhaps the country: the divorce of Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife. Any news story with the name "Trump" in it is at the top of any news feed these days, and this divorce case is no different, although it was not a particularly contentious matter.

Various criteria used to determine alimony in New Jersey

Many divorce cases in New Jersey involve contentious disputes about child support, child custody and property division. However, the one issue that can really cause debilitating strife in the legal proceedings is a request for alimony. After all, most divorcing spouses view the end of their marriage as the end of any type of relationship between the two ex-spouses - many do not treasure the idea of owing a financial obligation to an ex-spouse after the marriage is over.

Should you avoid using social media amid divorce?

Going through a divorce can make you feel exceptionally lonely, and if you are likely many people in your shoes, you may be relying on social media more than ever during this difficult time. Doing so can, in some cases, come back to bite you, however, which is why it may prove wise to avoid using it at all until your divorce is officially final.

Could financial secrets lead to a divorce?

The cause of any given divorce can vary considerably. Sometimes people just "grow apart," while in other situations there is some affirmative act that leads one spouse to divorce the other. A recent news article took a look at one potential cause of divorce: financial secrets.

A wide range of factors can impact the property division process

When New Jersey residents get stressed out during the property division part of their divorce cases, it is understandable. After all, many married couples spend years - even decades - accumulating wealth together. To have a divorce case implement the necessity of dividing all of those assets can be a difficult thing for anyone to go through. To make things even more complicated, there are a wide variety of factors that can come into play during the property division process - unless the couple can reach an out-of-court agreement.

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