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December 2017 Archives

Should you consider mediation for your divorce?

If you are facing a divorce, you have many decisions to make, and the entire process can seem very overwhelming. In addition to the emotional stress and turmoil you are going through due to the breakup of your marriage, there are all the questions of assets and property distribution to resolve. If you have minor children, there will be decisions regarding custody, child support and visitation.

Obtaining a restraining order in New Jersey

Any married couple in New Jersey, no matter their socioeconomic background, culture or beliefs, is susceptible to domestic violence, whether as a victim or as a perpetrator. Just because it can affect anyone, no one should think domestic violence is "okay" or something someone should just learn to live with.

Placing a value on the family business

Many New Jersey residents own their own businesses or have a share of ownership in a family business. If successful, these business interests can be a source of a great deal of wealth and income for a Marlton couple, especially if they both are involved in running the business.

How college education expenses get divided in New Jersey

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, New Jersey has child support guidelines that are supposed to help courts come to an amount each parent should be responsible for in order to allow their children to maintain the same standard of living as they enjoyed prior to the divorce.

Is mediating child custody disputes always a good idea?

This blog has discussed in previous posts how New Jersey parents should consider mediating like child custody and support instead of just taking the matter before a judge. It is true that when parents get along, at least with respect to the raising of their children, the children do better as a result. Keeping an open mind about mediation is therefore a good thing to do.

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