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Property division and the family pet

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Property Division

Sometimes, when a couple prepares to marry, they agree on a pre-nup. Especially in situations where one or both parties has assets that they want to protect in the event of a divorce, a pre-nup can specify such terms ahead of time. When it comes to divorce and the property division that occurs, many people may wonder who gets “custody” of a family pet. New Jersey couples may want to consider a pet-nup. 

While the largely unfamiliar term may sound warm and fuzzy, a pet-nup is in fact “a thing.” In most states, pets are considered to be property, and in the event of a divorce, a pet becomes like any other joint property. Divorce is an emotional process, and a divorceè may feel that losing a beloved pet is a truly sad possibility. 

This is where a pet-nup can help. Much like a pre-nup, a pet-nup is an agreement made before marriage. There are many reasons to consider getting a pet-nup. For example, perhaps the bride to be will be bringing her dog into the marital home and wants to ensure the dog will remain with her if the marriage ends with a split. Maybe the groom is particularly attached to a particular pet in the home. 

No matter what the reason, New Jersey animal lovers may want to settle the matter before the big day. Getting pre-nups or pet-nups squared away can greatly reduce the stress of property division in the event of divorce. For matters like these, an attorney can help a client make the necessary arrangements, and the bride and groom can begin their marital journey without worry.