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June 2019 Archives

Child custody and the best interests standard

Child custody is one of the most highly contested divorce legal issues. It is not limited to those who are dissolving their marriages, as parents of children born out of wedlock can also face child custody disputes. Oftentimes in these situations each parent believes they know what is best for their child, but their visions don't always align. When this occurs, the matter can be challenging to negotiate and may be left in the hands of a judge.

Does wealth protect you from divorce?

The most common reasons for divorce seem to be financial worries, infidelity and lack of communication. It may seem natural to assume that having the opposite of those trends would equal a stronger marriage.

Will mediation work if I have a high conflict case?

While divorce mediation is not right for every New Jersey couple going through a split, people who are in a high conflict separation should not get scared off from the process automatically. Through no fault of their own, many people do wind up in high conflict divorces. In many cases, neither person, individually, is especially difficult to get along with. However, as a couple, the two parties have both come to the point where they almost by reflex contradict what the other person says or wants.

Putting a value on investment real estate

Many couples in New Jersey own additional properties, such as homes or even commercial buildings, that they use to make additional income. In some cases, a real estate investment business can be so lucrative that the couple can devote their energy to it full time and make a very nice living from their rental income Also, the couple can make even more money by buying real estate when prices are low and selling the property during a hot real estate market, that is, when prices are high.

Coming to terms with "fairness" and alimony in a divorce case

Many people in New Jersey get divorced for a very simple reason: they no longer want to have any type of relationship with their ex-spouse. So, when spousal support - commonly known as "alimony" - is an issue in a divorce case, it can be hard for a spouse to see this type of order as "fair." But, there are many cases in which a family law judge will determine that alimony is necessary.

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