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August 2019 Archives

There are multiple types of alimony in New Jersey

There are a number of divorce legal issues that can reshape your post-divorce life. Child custody, of course, is a big one, but no other legal issues may affect your financial health more than alimony. Those who are successfully able to seek alimony, the payments they receive from their former spouse, can use them maintain a certain standard of living by securing a new residence and items of personal property, and it can assist them as they train to enter the workforce. Those who are required to pay alimony, on the other hand, can see their financial stability rocked. This is why it is critical for all parties involved to understand the legalities that are applicable to alimony and how to utilize them to their advantage.

Things to consider before engaging in property division

There's no doubt that the property division process can shape your post-divorce life. Depending on the outcome of the process, you can be left feeling like you got a fair shake out of your marriage dissolution or you end up feeling cheated. There are many things you can do to better ensure that you achieve an equitable distribution of marital assets, though, which we'll touch on briefly here.

What brutal divorce tactics should you watch out for?

It may be a sad reality, but divorce often brings out the worst in people. Those who have been emotionally or financially hurt can lash out, making resolution of important marriage dissolution issues seemingly impossible. This can make the divorce process longer and costlier than it needs to be. This isn't to say that legal matters that can't be agreed to shouldn't be aggressively litigated, but our New Jersey readers may want to be aware of some particularly brutal divorce tactics and how to protect themselves from them.

Property division and the family home

Many New Jersey families build a lifetime of memories in their familial home. This can make it difficult to part ways with the residence when a divorce occurs, especially when children are involved because one or both parents may be concerned about how a move will affect the children's well-being. Therefore, oftentimes, the parties to a divorce will fight over who will keep the home, usually due to their sentimental ties to it. But does it always make sense to fight for the family residence during the property division process? Maybe not.

Child custody and the character and fitness evaluation

While the financial ramifications of divorce can be significant, many New Jersey couples find themselves more concerned about something more important: their children. After all, the outcome of a child custody dispute can lay the framework for an individual's relationship with his or her child post-divorce. When a divorce is contentious, this could mean that one's ability to even visit with his or her child may be threatened. This is why it is usually of critical importance that New Jersey residents who are facing child custody disputes consider seeking legal guidance.

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