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March 2020 Archives

Is it best to settle a divorce in or out of court?

Experts says the best scenario for a couple who is parting ways is to try to end things amicably. Sometimes, however, New Jersey couples who are in the throes of divorce may have trouble agreeing on things. The question then is, should they try to settle things on their own or through mediation, or should they let the court decide? There are some things to consider before making that final decision.

How many marriages actually end in divorce?

The common notion for quite some time now is that about 50% of all marriages don't last. But is that really a true picture of marriage and divorce? Divorce rates -- including those in New Jersey -- peaked in the 1970s and '80s, but recent statistics show that more couples are staying married and the divorce rate hovers at around 40%, and some experts believe it's because more people are waiting to get married and are being more mindful when choosing their life mates. 

As a husband, could you get alimony in a divorce?

It is common for money to be a sticking point in divorce cases. For many New Jersey residents going through this process, concerns about alimony and child support exist. Though these types of support are often in marriage dissolution cases, it is often a given that the ex-wife will receive the funds. However, is that always the case?

What happens to the engagement ring in a divorce situation?

An engagement of marriage is usually sealed with a ring. An engagement ring is meant to be a symbol of a couple's intention to marry, but what happens to the ring when the marriage has fizzled and a couple decides to divorce? It's not always a clear-cut answer and much depends upon the circumstances, the actual ring and the state in which the couple resides. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state in which a court will divide marital assets in a way it sees as fair and reasonable, which might not mean a 50/50 split, but marital property in the state excludes gifts, so what about that ring?

Divorce can be costly, but it could be more costly not to divorce

A couple who is ending a marriage has many things to think about and one of those concerns finances. Divorce in New Jersey can often mean a significant financial outlay. In fact, the average cost for divorce in the United States is about $15,000 per person, but in some cases can be a lot higher due to several factors, including whether children are involved, where a couple lives, the value of their assets and whether the divorce is a contentious one. 

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