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High-profile divorce case comes to a conclusion

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Divorce

Our readers in New Jersey are probably aware of one of the most high-profile divorce cases in the Northeast, and perhaps the country: the divorce of Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife. Any news story with the name “Trump” in it is at the top of any news feed these days, and this divorce case is no different, although it was not a particularly contentious matter.

According to reports, the divorce case has reached a conclusion. The couple, who were married for 13 years and have five children together, are said to have finalized a divorce agreement and they issued a joint statement on the matter. Now, in their post-divorce life, they former couple says that they will focus together on raising their children.

Although the couple never appeared to be particularly acrimonious as they went through the divorce legal proceedings, it is peculiar that the details of the court case have been “sealed,” meaning that it will be hard, if not impossible, to ever determine what the terms of the divorce were in their agreement. However, what is known is that neither of the two will be facing many financial struggles in the near future; both are said to be quite wealthy in their own right.

Unlike this case, many high-profile and high-asset divorce cases have the potential to become highly contentious and litigated matters, especially if there was no prenuptial agreement executed prior to the marriage. In some cases, the right move is to fight “tooth and nail” for your rights and preferences while, in other cases, like the Trump case, it may be better for all involved to negotiate toward an agreement.