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Representation for alimony disputes

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Alimony

As a previous post on this blog discussed, an award of alimony is not a given in any type of divorce proceeding. Moreover, the amount and duration of the award can depend on a lot of different factors that are largely left up to the judge hearing the case.

Furthermore, unlike other aspects of a divorce decree, an alimony award can be changed over time, especially if one of the parties has a change in financial circumstances that might justify a higher, or lower, amount of alimony.

Because of all of these circumstances, alimony is one of those areas in which a couple contemplating divorce, which can include a bed and board divorce, will often come to an impasse over. With over 40 years of experience handling alimony-related issues, our office is well aware of this contentious aspect to alimony proceedings.

We work hard to minimize the cost and time our clients have to invest in such matters by using our knowledge of the law and experience in New Jersey’s courts to help our clients negotiate alimony agreements that are fair yet will provide for their basic economic needs. While we can never predict the exact result of an alimony case, we oftentimes will at least have some idea of how a particular judge in the Marlton area will rule on a specific alimony request. We can use this insight to foster negotiations.

Unfortunately, however, not every alimony dispute can be negotiated effectively. In these types of cases, we will investigate our clients’ cases thoroughly, using the discovery process to get information from the other side as necessary. Once we have a clear picture of what our clients’ alimony needs are, we will advocate for those needs in front of a judge.