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3 social media tips during a divorce

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Blog

In today’s digital landscape, divorce is nothing like it used to be. Matters that once remained private can now be quickly broadcasted on a variety of social media platforms. Digital etiquette during a divorce is an important factor to consider.

Understanding how to manage your social media platforms as you move through a divorce can mean the difference between hurting and helping your case. Here are three quick tips to help you get a handle on the basics of social media and divorce:

1. Separate your emotional reactions from your social media accounts

Although it may feel natural to turn to your social media accounts during divorce to vent or express frustration or anger as you move through your divorce, the best policy is to ensure that your emotional reactions do not overlap with your online life. Once you express something on social media, even if you delete it, that does not mean it is gone forever. People can take screenshots and preserve your moments of bad judgment that could hurt your case. 

2. Consider taking a social media hiatus

Because of the fact that it can be nearly impossible to restrain your emotional reactions from bleeding out into your social media accounts, one idea is to take a social media hiatus. You may temporarily distance yourself from social media during the time that you are moving through your divorce, to protect yourself from giving “ammunition” to your spouse’s legal team during litigation and courtroom proceedings.

3. Keep your private life private

Although it may feel tempting to show the world how well you are coping with your divorce by posting images of your nights out, parties or other social events, as your divorce is proceeding, you should keep your private life private. Details that you may think are harmless could be used against you in court, so the best policy is simply to keep your social media posts free of anything that could reveal how you are conducting your private life during the divorce process.