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Why try divorce mediation in New Jersey?

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Divorce Mediation

Previous posts here have discussed various issues that New Jersey residents may encounter when going through the divorce process. From child support and alimony, to the reasons one can plead in the state’s courts to request the marriage be dissolved, many of these have been discussed in the context of divorce litigation. While being prepared for discovery and going to court is important, in many cases individuals going through a divorce may want to consider alternative methods of resolving their issues.

One popular alternative method is that of divorce mediation. In mediation, the parties and their representatives speak to each other in the presence of a neutral party who is certified in helping people come to agreements on issues that might be contentious. Because the things that are usually involved in a divorce are those that are often most important to people, such as their children and their property, it is sometimes an emotional period in people’s lives, and having a neutral party who can bring perspective to the process can be helpful.

Further, mediation can help ease conflict that is occurring between parties over both legal and non-legal subjects. Because the disagreements about divorce issues can be a major stressor on a relationship between two people, coming to agreements, even on small issues, can help dial down the intensity of any conflicts. This is especially important when parties have children together, as they will need to continue dealing with each other into the foreseeable future.

While it is important that divorcing individuals protect their legal rights in terms of custody, child support and property division, it is equally important to keep one’s emotional and mental state in mind as well. The use of divorce mediation can be a very useful tool in the process of ending a marriage with the least amount consternation possible.