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Mediation may help your divorce go smoother

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Firm News

When two people decide to end a marriage, it may begin a long and arduous process to separate everything. During the divorce process, tension and emotions may run high, making every decision that much more difficult to get through.

New Jersey couples who go through the divorce process may want to avoid court by engaging in mediation. This alternative to court can not only help couples reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of their divorce, but it may do so with less fighting and distress. Consider some of the benefits of this route versus divorce court.

Mediation empowers couples

Taking a divorce through divorce court can not only draw out the process, but it may also wind up taking some of the decisions out of your hands. Getting bogged down with fighting about child custody and support, property division and debts may result in a stalemate. These couples find themselves before a judge who orders these things as the law dictates. Mediation allows couples to remain proactive and engaged in what their post-divorce life looks like and puts the decisions squarely in their laps instead of a third party.

Mediators work hard to bring about amicable resolutions

Some divorces are high-conflict disputes that bring out the worst in both parties. Fighting over details can trip up even the most motivated couple. A mediator has the skills to help bitter couples reach an amicable and beneficial resolution. Even when negotiating a parenting plan, a mediator may guide the couple through and encourage compromise that works for all parties, especially the children.

The mediation process is confidential

Appearing in open court and on the record means anyone can attend the proceedings. Mediation occurs behind closed doors. The process itself is confidential. The mediator acts as a judge at the end, putting the final agreements on the record, but the negotiations that took place are always between the parties and the mediator.

Divorce may end a marriage, but it also signals the beginning of a new venture for the family. All those involved may benefit from mediation to reach a resolution that marks a more positive post-divorce beginning.