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Mediating a high conflict custody case is possible

As this blog has discussed previously, there are some situations in which it is best for parents and those involved in a custody dispute to admit that mediation is just not an appropriate forum in a particular case, even though divorce mediation or other forms of child custody mediation certainly have their benefits.

Court-ordered custody mediation in New Jersey

Previous posts on this blog have discussed when child custody mediation might be a good idea for New Jersey parents to consider. Other posts have discussed those times in which parents might not want to pursue mediation as an option, such as when one of the parents in an upcoming divorce mediation is possibly the victim of domestic violence.

Is mediating child custody disputes always a good idea?

This blog has discussed in previous posts how New Jersey parents should consider mediating like child custody and support instead of just taking the matter before a judge. It is true that when parents get along, at least with respect to the raising of their children, the children do better as a result. Keeping an open mind about mediation is therefore a good thing to do.

Why try divorce mediation in New Jersey?

Previous posts here have discussed various issues that New Jersey residents may encounter when going through the divorce process. From child support and alimony, to the reasons one can plead in the state's courts to request the marriage be dissolved, many of these have been discussed in the context of divorce litigation. While being prepared for discovery and going to court is important, in many cases individuals going through a divorce may want to consider alternative methods of resolving their issues.

Preparing for divorce mediation

Divorcing spouses who are willing to cooperate may play a larger role in resolving divorce legal issues through divorce mediation in New Jersey. When they mediate disputes, they do not have to accept a judge's decision and can reject any proposal that they do not support. This process may alleviate some of the emotional stress and expenses associated with litigating divorce and other family law matters. However, mediation has a greater likelihood of success when spouses undergo preparation.

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