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Representation for alimony disputes

As a previous post on this blog discussed, an award of alimony is not a given in any type of divorce proceeding. Moreover, the amount and duration of the award can depend on a lot of different factors that are largely left up to the judge hearing the case.

The evolving tax consequences of alimony

Many residents of Marlton, New Jersey, have to pay alimony or face the consequences of ignoring a court order to do so. While not everyone necessarily sees this as a burden, many people do. The silver lining for them is that, at least through the end of this year, alimony payments can be deducted from one's federal taxes.

Alimony is not automatic

One of the most stressful consequences of a divorce is losing the financial support of your spouse. Individuals who make less than their spouse, cannot work because of injury or stay at home with children can be in a tight spot when it comes to establishing financial independence after a marriage is dissolved. While this pursuit and idea feels liberating on one level, taking steps to be financially independent may be a challenge.

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