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4 myths about divorce mediation in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Blog, Divorce Mediation

There are many myths about divorce mediation that you may have heard. Divorce is a difficult process, and it is important to understand what you can expect from the legal system. Misconceptions about divorce mediation are often inaccurate and can lead to confusion with this legal option.

Myth: Mediation only settles simple cases

Mediation doesn’t only settle simple cases, but it can be a good option for couples who don’t anticipate complications. People often have the idea that mediators rarely handle more complicated cases, which is wrong. Divorces that are not complex and have few assets involved could work in this type of situation as much as those involving many assets. Therefore, you should not hesitate to discuss mediation with your lawyer even if you think your case is complex.

Myth: Divorce mediation is not for wealthy couples

Sometimes, couples think that this process is only good for those who have limited assets or are low-income earners. In reality, mediators work with all types of clients. Divorce mediation is not biased toward any certain group; anyone can benefit from it.

Myth: Couples need to get along well for mediation to work

It’s a common assumption that couples need to get along well for divorce mediation to run smoothly, but this is not always the case. People may believe that they must have a good relationship with their spouse at all times in order to meet and negotiate effectively. However, divorces can be emotional processes, which means it’s understandable that emotions may get out of hand. The goal is to put differences aside long enough to come to an agreement about issues in the divorce.

Myth: Divorce mediation is too expensive

One of the biggest divorce mediation myths is that the process is too expensive. Divorce mediation costs about the same as traditional litigation, sometimes less. If you’re not sure whether you want to try divorce mediation, it may be worth at least exploring how much your attorney will cost for a case of similar complexity.

A lot of information surrounding divorce mediation can lead to confusion, so there’s no need to rule out the option because of something you heard. Divorce mediation might the right option for your case.