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Why is a divorce mediator a better option for my family?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Divorce Mediation

Mediation does not work for every family. It generally requires both parties to agree to mediation and your spouse may choose to fight. If your spouse does remain committed to an amicable divorce and feels open to compromise, however, this may provide a good opportunity for both parties to find mutually beneficial arrangements.

So, why exactly does mediation tend to serve families better than other divorce types? It stems primarily from the lower costs and less tension.

It generally costs less

Some couples spend so much time arguing in mediation that they end up back in divorce court anyway. However, if your mediation is successful, it may cost you significantly less than choosing litigation. This leaves more marital assets to share between both parties and to provide for the children.

It appears less confrontational

Even the most amicable couples may find that feelings turn sour as divorce proceedings begin. Psychology Today notes that mediation feels less adversarial because people tend to focus less on winning and more on finding solutions. This helps to lower the chance of situations escalating and spiraling out of control.

It suits parenting roles better

Divorces that end up in court may often affect children for the worst. It may create a rift between both parents that become difficult to mend. This puts children in a difficult position. In some cases, children may lose touch with one parent to please the other or one parent may even attempt parental alienation.

When divorces involve children, parents should try to keep things as amicable as possible. Protecting the peace may help to preserve relationships and make it easier for children to adjust. Even when couples do not have children, it helps create a cleaner separation so you can move forward.