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Representing clients in discovery requests and disputes

by | Mar 30, 2018 | High Asset Divorce

A previous post discussed how the ordinary means of finding out about a spouse’s assets and debts in the process of a divorce or bed and board divorce is to use the various means of legal discovery provided under New Jersey law.

Typically, the discovery process is not something that is going to be familiar to someone without any legal background. As a result, someone who needs to use it to make sure that they are getting their fair share of marital property may have a limited knowledge of what a deposition or subpoena even is, much less how to effectively use these tools.

As experienced family law attorneys and mediators serving clients in New Jersey, we are familiar with the rules of discovery. We are also adept at using them in order to efficiently get information about all of a couple’s assets and debts so that our clients have a complete and clear picture as to what their financial outlook will be after a divorce.

Using discovery effectively on behalf of our clients is just one way we try to accomplish our goal, which is always to get successful results for our clients in court. Discovery can help a spouse identify whether or not the other party is hiding assets, for instance, and it can also ultimately help a court understand how much each person’s share of the marital property is going to be worth. The idea is that each party deserves a fair share.

Of course, sometimes it is better when our clients try to work out their differences over property at the negotiation table. The discovery process can be very helpful in this respect as well, as having key information is an essential part of having a successful negotiation.