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Prenuptial agreements support strong marital partnerships

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | High Asset Divorce

Having your partner raise the subject of a prenuptial agreement can raise fears about a lack of commitment. You may worry that your future spouse expects the marriage to fail and wants to deny you what family law in New Jersey would normally guarantee. This is not the case. A prenuptial agreement cannot violate the law, and the process of negotiating one could actually set your marriage up for success.

Preserve individual autonomy

Marriage is a partnership, but your happiness depends on maintaining your individual needs in the midst of making joint life decisions. Prenuptial agreements allow people to express what is important to them, such as:

  • Business assets
  • Current ownership of residential real estate related matters
  • Career sacrifices for raising children

You get a chance to explain your position on important financial matters without the emotional distraction of an actual divorce. Fair compromises that place value on your priorities and concerns are much more likely to emerge when negotiating a prenuptial agreement when the issues are theoretical instead of occurring in real-time.

Understand financial position and priorities

No one likes a financial surprise after getting married. By disclosing your assets, debts and future goals early on, both of you nurture feelings of trust. You get to know each other’s financial status and make a cooperative plan for joining your lives going forward.

Feel confident and safe

A prenuptial agreement allows you to enter marriage with more confidence. As the years go by, the agreement limits the financial unknowns if a divorce comes to pass.

Despite the romantic and social elements of marriage, it is a far-reaching and binding financial contract. Similar to how partners form a business, you can create a roadmap for success by laying out a detailed agreement that addresses major concerns and what to do should problems arise.