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Say no to posting about your divorce on social media

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

In New Jersey, navigating divorce can become emotionally challenging, and social media can worsen a problematic situation. During this time, proceed with caution when it comes to social media. The following guidelines help clarify the best ways to engage with social media during your divorce.

Pause instead of posting

During the emotional stress of a divorce, you may want to post cathartic updates to social media to release your anger or frustration, but it makes sense to pause and think before doing so. Postings can escalate a conflict-ridden situation during a divorce and perpetuate negative dynamics. Instead, consider taking a hiatus from social media until after the divorce concludes and focus instead on taking care of yourself, your children and offline interests.

Keep it positive

If you stay active on social media, avoid posting anything negative about your situation, your soon-to-be ex or family members. Consider that other adults may share the updates with your children or that your kids may read the posts themselves.

Instead, consider posting only positive images about activities or things you enjoy and uplifting affirmations and messages. Also, avoid the temptation to discuss any part of your divorce online, such as seeking advice, discussing custody, divorce settlements or other matters. If you have questions or grievances, it makes sense to speak to a therapist or your attorney and keep your affairs out of public forums.

Manage your privacy settings

Keep your posts private by changing your social media settings to the most restrictive. Ask others not to tag you in their posts or photos, and go through your friends list and remove those who do not fall within your circle of trust. If you choose not to remove certain friends, check the platform’s support information to see how you can change your privacy settings for specific individuals so they cannot see any of your posts or photos.

Protect your children

Your children may be more vulnerable during the divorce, and monitoring how they engage with their social media may provide essential insights into how they feel emotionally during this challenging time. Help your children understand the importance of restraint and encourage them to exercise discretion when posting.

Additionally, ensure that you know which sites they frequent and the types of content they are exposed to so you can intervene if they become subject to any bullying or predator behaviors from others online.

Choosing not to engage in social media during a divorce may be difficult. However, letting wisdom guide what you share on social media can ensure that you can heal in peace.