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Why you should stay off social media during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

With one study showing that 1 in 5 divorces listed Facebook as a factor in the split, residents of New Jersey who have decided to end their marriage should be wary of how they use social media during the process. They might even consider not using it at all.

Why people go on social media

There are many reasons why people choose to post on social media. Often, it is because they want to share updates of their lives with their loved ones. However, during the end of a marriage, people might go on social media to seek emotional support for their plight. They might also want to express their rage or vent about their issues with their ex. However, when they use social media this way, the consequences can affect them, their family and even the outcome of the divorce process.

Possible consequences of social media use during divorce

When you reveal too much about your divorce process or speak against your estranged spouse, you might face certain consequences. These include:

  • Having the information used against you in court
  • Having your children read the posts and getting hurt
  • Baiting your spouse and inspiring retaliation
  • Losing the privacy of your information about the divorce

If you must use social media

While the best advice is to stop social media usage during the divorce process, if you feel like this is impossible for you, there are things you should do to protect your interests. These include:

  • Making your profiles private
  • Unfriending or blocking people who will no longer be in your life
  • Posting positive things that do not show too much about your life
  • Refraining from asking friends or family members to look at your ex-spouse’s posts

Social media can be a source of entertainment or support; however, it can also create additional problems during the divorce. If possible, stay away from social media until the divorce is final.