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How to be successful during divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

New Jersey couples who decide that divorce is their only option may want to use mediation. You can succeed during this process by using these good tips.

Be flexible and willing to negotiate

Divorce mediation is only the right option for you when you and your spouse are willing to be flexible and open to negotiating and compromising on all matters of concern. Unlike traditional court divorce, mediation means that you come to an agreement on your settlement and what works for you. There’s no judge involved and the mediator is neutral and only there to help you and your spouse reach an agreement.

Remain level-headed

Divorces can be emotionally difficult, but with mediation, you have to stay level-headed. It’s not about winning. When you stay even-tempered, it can help you and make the process smoother. Don’t get overly emotional or give up. Remember that you and your spouse want the same things: to have your voice heard and reach an agreement that works for you and your family.

Keep your children in mind

Keeping your children in mind during divorce mediation can help you and your spouse to be better parents. Put aside any bitter feelings toward your spouse and see the bigger picture of making things easier for the kids. It will help you to be successful at mediation and co-parenting.

Focus on the future

When you focus on the future, it can help you to plan better during divorce mediation. Your negotiations can reflect what you see for yourself and your children in the future. It might help you and your spouse look past the here and now and help you avoid battles while having a successful divorce.