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Having a better divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Divorce

As much as both spouses wish their union lasts, some New Jersey marriages head for divorce. Couples could grow apart or find themselves disagreeing over financial and other matters. Sadly, a marriage may involve abuse or infidelity, making remaining in the marriage untenable for one spouse. Spouses might worry about how stressful divorce proceedings will be, adding to their stress. However, a divorce could move along amicably and without problems.

Working towards a positive conclusion

Putting personal problems aside might be challenging during a divorce, but there might not be any value in being spiteful or narcissistic. Divorce involves a legal proceeding intending to dissolve the marriage and return everyone to single life. Infusing emotional and unnecessarily combative attitudes could make everything harder for all.

When both parties take steps to engage in an amicable divorce, one where everyone works towards acceptable agreements, it might make things move faster and at less cost.

Effective communication and a willingness to hear the other side may help matters. Granted, there could be times when the parties are far apart on specific issues. A divorce trial may lead to an undesirable resolution in the form of the judge’s decisions. Perhaps mediation would be worth considering.

Preparing for the divorce

The divorce could become more stressful when it drags out due to disorganization. Requests for spousal support might require presenting evidence of assets, expenditures and current debts. Compiling all necessary documents before negotiations begin may move things along better.

Focusing on others’ needs, including financial and emotional ones, might prevent some issues. For example, if there are children in the marriage, seeking the best custody, visitation and support arrangements may help them and others in the family. Being too self-focused may lead to problems that extend even after the marriage dissolves.