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How to manage your social media usage during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Property Division

The best approach to social media for New Jersey couples who are going through a divorce is to avoid it altogether. However, this is impractical for many people. In that event, there are certain guidelines that you should follow.


First, lock down your privacy settings. Everything that can should be set to “friends only.” You might want to look over your friends list as well. If your list is too big for that, consider creating custom lists that you can use for more restricted posting. However, you need to assume that anything you put on social media could be made public regardless of privacy settings and post accordingly. This means no venting about the divorce or your marriage. In fact, you should not discuss your relationship at all, including posting any photos or videos from it.

Positive posts

A good rule to observe on social media during this time is to stay positive and low-key. However, even in the positive posts, beware of anything that could be used against you in court, such as the suggestion that you have been spending extravagantly when you are arguing over property division and spousal support or photos of you enjoying alcohol at a party in the middle of a child custody dispute. Even posts that seem relatively innocent can be misconstrued, so opt for bland updates over anything personal.

Negative information

You should avoid stalking your estranged spouse online or, in most cases, trying to dig up information on them, but you may want to do a search on yourself to see if there is anything online that could be used against you. You may be able to get it removed. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your children’s social media usage as well. This can help you assess how they are adjusting.

Divorce can be a time that gives rise to a number of difficult emotions, but it is important to express those emotions privately. Talking to loved ones or a counselor is a better way to seek support than social media.