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Understanding alimony laws in New Jersey

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Alimony, Blog

The aftermath of a divorce in New Jersey can sometimes be cause for anxiety. This is a period during which your financial future can seem up for grabs. You should be aware that there are laws that govern the division of assets after a divorce. These laws work on behalf of both spouses and all of their dependents.

Alimony is determined by New Jersey laws

The process of awarding alimony is governed according to principles that have been laid down by New Jersey state law. Whether or not alimony will be awarded will be based on a number of factors.

For a marriage or civil union that lasted less than 20 years, the amount of alimony won’t exceed the length of that marriage or union. This will normally be the case unless certain exceptional factors intervene. These can include a severe illness on the part of one of the spouses that requires economic support.

In some cases, the state may also award a special kind of support known as palimony. This is financial support for ex-partners that were never married. However, this type of support will only be awarded if the couple had a written agreement where one party agreed to pay the other a certain amount of support.

Alimony takes several forms in New Jersey

Open durational alimony will be paid as long as one of the spouses has a valid reason why they cannot support themselves.

Rehabilitative alimony is a form of short-term economic assistance that is paid out in order to help the recipient get special job-related training and/or education.

Limited duration alimony may be paid out for a very short marriage. Other forms of alimony may be determined by a court in New Jersey as it sees fit.