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Mediation helps couples navigate the divorce and life afterward

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Blog, Divorce Mediation

Many divorcing couples choose mediation over litigation for a variety of reasons.

The popularity of this option extends beyond the divorce itself since it also establishes a framework for future family relationships.

About mediation

Divorce mediation is a process that takes place outside of court. No judge will be present. Instead, couples meet with a trained mediator whose job is to counsel and guide the parties as they work together to create a settlement agreement. Mediation takes less time than litigation and is, therefore, less expensive. Many couples appreciate the privacy this option affords. It is also less stressful and emotionally harmful than going through an often contentious court battle.

Major takeaways

In mediation, the focus is on open communication. The parties work as a team to develop an agreement that is satisfactory to them both. Each person has input, and the mediator ensures that the discussions stay on track. The mediator will help to resolve sticking points by suggesting alternative solutions. Once the parties feel comfortable communicating and working together, the mediation process can move steadily along.

A look ahead

The future is of concern to all divorcing couples but especially to those with children. Mediation is helpful in that the ability to communicate becomes, in effect, a learned skill that carries forward into the new, post-divorce family relationships. Mediation is a more respectful way than litigation to dissolve a marriage. Additionally, it is found to be less stressful for the children and sets a solid foundation for family interaction going forward.