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How social media can be used in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Divorce

Social media has changed the legal landscape in a variety of ways. One example is that social media comments and uploads are often used as part of divorce proceedings.

According to one study, 50% of participants found that social media negatively impacted their relationships. All states, including New Jersey, have different divorce laws, but it is clear that social media comments or conversations can be used as evidence in a divorce case.

Social media comments in divorce proceedings

The impact of social media on relationships divorce is striking. According to reports, 81% of divorce attorneys have discovered evidence on social media for or against their client. Facebook, in particular, seems to be the most prominent network in court cases: Two-thirds of attorneys have used evidence from the network as part of divorce proceedings, and one-third of all legal divorce proceedings now involve online affairs with extensive entanglement on some social network.

Social media use in general

Broadly speaking, the challenge with social media is that it seems to make people less happy. This occurs for a variety of reasons but particularly for marriages that may already be struggling. Married couples might use social media to connect with old flames or reach out to people with whom they may have a romantic interest. Social media is also connected with decreased mental health, which may contribute to the dissolving of a marriage.

If you find yourself in a situation where your spouse has been using social media to engage in an extramarital affair, it might lead to divorce. You may want to find an attorney to assist you in gathering the necessary information to file for divorce.