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Grandparent’s Rights and Divorce in Marlton, New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Firm News

As a grandparent, watching your child divorce from their spouse is not only stressful, but in many cases, it is extremely heart-wrenching and emotionally draining. When you have grandchildren, the last issue you need to encounter yourself is the inability to see them after the divorce. If you are living in New Jersey, it is important to research your grandparent’s rights and to consider all of your legal options to ensure you are receiving your rightfully entitled time with your grandchildren.

Consider Long-Term Effects and Outcomes

Before moving forward with the opportunity to sue for grandparent’s rights, consider the long-term mental and emotional effects the situation may have on your grandchildren themselves. It is important to consider your grandchildren’s positions, ages, as well as their own feelings and emotions before determining which legal route, if any, is right for your individual scenario.

Reasons for Grandparent Rights

Are there parental issues that need to be addressed in court? Is there neglect occurring which is prompting you to seek out your grandparent’s rights? Even if you are simply looking for a way to see your grandchildren regularly without any parental issues occurring, it is important to consider your situation.

Privacy Invasion

Whenever you are headed to family court, it is important to remember that your privacy is likely to be invaded, especially if you are seeking parental custody rights or grandparent rights.

Allowing the court to investigate your personal life as well as your lifestyle and living environment is often necessary when seeking additional rights that are separate from traditional parental rights in a court of law.

Whether your child is going through a stressful divorce or if you are simply not being permitted to see your grandchildren in the State of New Jersey, consider working with a family law firm that specializes in grandparent’s rights issues. With the help of the right legal team, move forward with your case confidently knowing that the future of your rights as a grandparent is in the right hands.