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3 reasons why divorce mediation is in your child’s best interests

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

As parents about to divorce, you will have to settle several matters to resolve related to your child. If you need a judge to make those decisions for you, they will look at what is in your child’s best interests.   

Yet, it is not only a judge who can use the child’s best interests as a filter to make decisions. If you, as parents, keep this goal at the forefront, you too can reach effective decisions about the future.  

Mediation has several advantages over litigation when divorcing  

One choice you can make at the outset is to use mediation rather than litigation. Here are a few of the reasons why this can be better for your child:  

  • You set a good example for your child: As parents, you set the standard for your child. If they see that you can still work together despite your differences, it may help them take a similar approach in their life. If, however, they see you turn nasty toward each other, they may believe that is how to handle disputes. 
  • You know your child better than a judge does: Why let someone you have only just met make decisions about your life and that of your child? As parents, you have a wealth of knowledge about your child that will enable you to tailor a custody agreement that will work best for them.  
  • You conserve energy: A divorce battle will be emotionally draining and will eat into your time, detracting from your ability to parent your child. Remember, it will be even worse for them because both parents will be busy, worn out and in a bad mood if your divorce is conflictive. Mediation can save time, money and reduce conflict. 


If divorcing as parents, the “asset” you need to take most care of is your child. Choosing mediation over litigation can help you look after your child and look after yourself.