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What do you know about selling a home during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Property Division

As part of your divorce, you and your current spouse want to sell your marital home. Neither of you knows how to navigate the process, and you want to do things the right way.

American Home Agents offers tips for putting a marital home on the market during a divorce. Get help with starting the next chapter of your life on the right foot.

Pay the mortgage

If you do not own your marital home, continue making mortgage payments. Talk with your soon-to-be-ex-partner about who bears responsibility for keeping up with the mortgage and how much principal the paying party receives after closing on the home.

Repair the property

While you may not want to spend money upgrading and repairing your marital home, doing so may help you close sooner and move on with your life. Another reason to upgrade and maintain the home is so you boost your chances of receiving a higher offer, which may put more money in your pocket.

Stay focused on the home

Depending on your emotional and mental state during the divorce, you may have a hard time working with your current spouse to sell the home. If so, concentrate on your post-divorce life and how selling the property puts you on the path to happiness and peace of mind. You do not want unchecked emotions ruining a good opportunity to entice a buyer and close on selling the home.

Seek help when you need it

Because putting a home on the market during divorce represents uncharted territory for you, consult with experienced professionals to help. Work with home inspectors, contractors, realtors and legal professionals to boost your chance of success.

Selling a home while dissolving your marriage does not have to become a headache. See how these tips help you and your situation.