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Why divorce filings increase after the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Divorce

The anticipation let alone the reality of the holidays often contribute to a great deal of stress for people. For marriages already under strain, a holiday season may put an end to any hopes of moving forward together.

Many spouses make the choice to part ways when the new year arrives. Some academic research takes a look at the factors that play into this trend.

Failed hopes and children’s dreams

According to The Atlantic, some people defer the decision about a divorce until January or later in part to give their children one last holiday season with both parents together. Other people may look to the holidays as a last opportunity to bring them closer together with their spouse again, in an effort to avoid a divorce.

After the holiday excitement dies down and reality sets back in, many spouses realize their marriage needs to end. This contributes to an increase in divorce filings beginning in January.

January starts the rise but March sees the peak

The Today Show reported that researchers at the University of Washington found that the increased divorce filings in January continue all the way through March. In fact, more filings happen in March than in any other month of the year.

Some people may decide to file for divorce in January but wait until February or March to act on that decision. They may use the time in between to make financial plans, decide where to live after a divorce ends and plan how to break the news to their children, other family members and friends.