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How can you approach the idea of obtaining a prenup?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Divorce

If a divorce dissolves, you could potentially lose all of your assets. A prenuptial agreement serves as a protective document. If you accumulate separate property, you can keep it even after a divorce. 

The way to make sure that your prenup is valid, you need to follow the letter of the law. Also, try these three steps. 

Take your time

You do not have to rush the prenuptial agreement, explains CNBC. To draw up and to sign a prenup, it does not happen overnight. Instead, it can happen for several months. Your prenup needs to take into account all money and property. If you forget to sign the prenup prior to the marriage, you can also create a postnuptial agreement. 

Discuss your financial goals

Your finances and your financial goals should be open for conversation. Do not hide debt from your spouse. Talk about your accounts, your credit cards and how you spend your money. If you have financial goals, explain them to your spouse and how you plan to reach them. 

Pay attention to detail

Your lawyers typically write the prenup for you. Read the documents and be sure to ask for clarification for details that you do not understand. Legalese is not always easy to understand. To prove that you read the prenup, make changes to it. 

Even if you agree to the prenup in its entirety, make small changes like changes to the wording for example. Make sure that your spouse does the same. This will prevent any party from claiming that he or she did not read the prenup.