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How can you overcome a grudge to healthier divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Divorce

During a divorce, it is easy to focus on the sadness and anger. It is normal to feel bitter, but the hostility and resentment may consume all your positive feelings.

Mayo Clinic warns that you can harm your present relationships and compromise your connections when wrapped up in a grudge.

What happens when you hold a grudge?

A grudge can be a burden on your mental health. You may experience depression and anxiety, along with higher blood pressure and a weakened immune system. It may become difficult for you to enter a new relationship without your resentment poisoning the new connection. Grudges hold you in the past, where a divorce should be a way forward. You cannot enjoy your life in the moment if you cannot let go of the anger. Spiritual beliefs and ideology may lose meaning and you might feel as though you have little purpose left.

How can you divorce peacefully?

Try to let go of any grudges that you have. Do your best to empathize with your former spouse, to ask what he or she may be feeling. Acknowledge how you feel and how it affects you. Once you can recognize your emotions, you can work towards letting go.

Forbes suggests that you remind yourself that you and your spouse have common goals. If you have children, they are a shared priority. If you want to split your assets fairly, you can come together to make the decision as painless as possible. Do not focus on a fight that will cause unnecessary financial or emotional strain.