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3 social media mistakes to avoid amid divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Divorce

Going through a divorce may make you feel lonely, anxious or depressed, and you may turn to social media to vent or feel connected with other people. If you are not careful when interacting online, though, you run the risk of the things you say and do coming back to bite you.

Your ex’s attorneys could attempt to use your posts in their arguments against you, which could have implications relating to spousal or child support. You may also do unnecessary damage to the relationship you have with your ex. While you may not want him or her to be a major part of your life, you may not want to make an enemy of this person either, and particularly if you share children. So, it may serve you well to exercise extreme care when posting online. When it comes to smart social media usage during a divorce, consider taking the following tips to heart.

1. Avoid flaunting a new relationship

If you were not the one who initiated your divorce, you may have an urge to show the world that you have moved on with someone else. Avoid showcasing this information, though, as doing so may lead your ex to claim that you were unfaithful while the marriage was ongoing.

2. Avoid flaunting wealth

Resist the urge to show the world that you are doing just fine in the absence of your former spouse. Posting pictures of that shopping spree or vacation may lead your ex’s attorneys to argue that you appear to be faring well financially – which may hinder your chances of securing spousal support.

3. Avoid spying on your ex

Many people admit to viewing their ex’s online profiles more than they should, but doing so is unlikely to benefit you in any way. Instead, seeing your ex happy or moving on may lead to feelings of animosity that were not there before, which may cloud your judgment and have a negative impact on your divorce.