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New Jersey couples setting popular divorce trends

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Divorce

It seems some couples who are ending their marriages are setting some trends. New Jersey couples who are heading for divorce apparently have some things in common and are setting some new indicators moving ahead as single individuals. Here are some of those trends for 2020.

Couples who have been married for many years and who are older — aged 50 and beyond — are saying I don’t more frequently. Incidents of what is known as gray divorce are on the rise in New Jersey even though there are challenges financially in many cases. In addition, parents who are divorcing are seeking more equal parenting time and gone are the days when children spent most of their time with their mothers. More parents want a 50/50 responsibility for their kids. 

Mediation, arbitration and collaboration rather than litigation, are also becoming much more the norm in divorce situations. Couples want to decide for themselves what happens to their assets, their debts and how their children should be raised rather than letting a family court judge decide. It usually saves time, money and creates less stress. Social media is also playing a large part in decisions that are made post divorce such as alimony payments and child support.

It is very important to get the advice and guidance of a New Jersey divorce lawyer when making important decisions involving the divorce process. Not all couples have an amicable divorce and a lawyer is crucial to a client in these situations. A lawyer may also be able to assist a client in reaching a settlement independently rather than going to court.