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Questions millennials should ask before deciding to divorce

by | May 25, 2020 | Divorce

Marriage breakdowns can happen at any age. New Jersey couples who are in their 20s and find themselves discussing divorce should ask themselves a few pertinent questions before making the ultimate decision. By visiting these issues, it may help the divorce process to go much more smoothly, according to experts.

Firstly, when talking about divorce, it’s also time to discuss the existence of a prenuptial agreement. Many couples have them in place today, including younger couples who marry. Each person should take a prenuptial agreement to an attorney to have it reviewed. Without a prenuptial agreement, a couple must resolve many pertinent issues — principally spousal support and property division — on their own.

Communication also needs to happen regarding who is going to pay for the divorce. An attorney may be able to tell his or her client which things are worth fighting for after objectives have been prioritized. There are more financially friendly alternatives to litigating, such as mediation or a collaborative divorce. Experts also say each individual should question his or her use of social media and then make a concerted effort not to air private issues on those sites. Lastly, both people need to step back and ask themselves if they’re taking proper care of themselves during a process which can be emotionally draining.

New Jersey residents in their 20s who are getting a divorce can take heart in realizing it’s not the end of the world and that the process may go much more smoothly if facilitated by lawyers. By getting help with the legalities of divorce, people may be able to move through the rough times much more easily. A lawyer may also be able to help answer many of the questions that seem confusing.