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Divorce may actually make relationships, parenting better

by | May 4, 2020 | Divorce

There may be times when the best way to keep a relationship intact is to separate. Some couples have said they became better friends and had better relationships with each other after divorce. Some New Jersey spouses might actually excel at divorce and become better in many ways — including co-parenting their children. When parents place the love they have for their children above anything else, they usually find a way to be civil to each other and in some instances, become friends in the process.

When former spouses agree to keep parenting issues and their one-time marriage issues separate, they might find they actually get along much better. Keeping frustrations away from children not only helps them, but may actually help former spouses to get along as they co-parent their kids. When former spouses communicate about their children, it quickly teaches the children they can’t pit one parent against the other.

Divorce can give a former couple the chance to do something right. It can give parents a means to forge new bonds with their children and co-parent positively as a former couple. No couple believes they will end up having to go through the divorce process, but there is a way to do so that is gentler than going to court.

A New Jersey attorney may be able to help a client through his or her divorce by offering alternatives that are more gentle than litigation. There are many family law tools that may be able to help in an emotionally fraught time such as separation or divorce. A lawyer is the person from whom those tools are available and who can advise a client keeping in mind the client’s individual circumstances.