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Is it best to settle a divorce in or out of court?

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Divorce

Experts says the best scenario for a couple who is parting ways is to try to end things amicably. Sometimes, however, New Jersey couples who are in the throes of divorce may have trouble agreeing on things. The question then is, should they try to settle things on their own or through mediation, or should they let the court decide? There are some things to consider before making that final decision.

Those looking for a divorce to become final quickly will want to stay away from letting a judge decide on major issues. Litigation can be time-consuming and costly. Even just waiting to get a case heard could take months. But for some couples, court seems to be the only choice after all else has failed in reaching a settlement. Pockets better be deep, though, since going to court can be costly.

A long court proceeding could actually cause each person more stress as well. Each person will need to be prepared to attend proceedings at the drop of a dime and also be available to answer questions from attorneys. This could have a detrimental impact on family and work life. But, if the outcome is likely to be favorable, it may be worth the price in money, time and inconvenience. 

The decision on whether to settle a divorce in or out of court may be best left to the advice of a New Jersey lawyer. After having reviewed an individual case and the issues surrounding it, an attorney may be able to offer his or her client some prudent guidance. Every scenario is different and having a solid legal perspective may help a client to make a more informed decision on the divorce process.