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Divorce involving a child presents unique challenges

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Divorce

Breaking up with a spouse is never an easy process in New Jersey. This is particularly the case when the two people getting divorced have a young child who is stuck in the middle. Fortunately, some tips might make the process of getting a divorce as positive of an experience as possible for both the parents and the child.

For starters, when parents are getting divorced and share a child, it would behoove them to keep their relationships with each other strong. For instance, they should ideally speak positively about each other versus badmouthing one another. This is especially critical when the child is in the parents’ presence. In addition, small steps like being on time for child pick-ups and drop-offs can have an extremely positive influence on the children.

Furthermore, encouraging the child may help him or her to feel calmer during the tumultuous process of divorce. For instance, the parents can let the child know that he or she will not have to worry about court appointments, parenting time scheduling or other responsibilities that the parents are supposed to handle. The two parents may also want to let the child know that they both will continue to love the child equally following the marital breakup.

The best situation during a divorce proceeding involving a child is for the two parents to come to an agreement on how to handle child custody. In this case, they can create a parenting agreement that is mutually satisfactory, thus avoiding further court intrusion. If this is not possible, they must rely on a judge to make a child custody determination for them. Either way, an attorney in New Jersey will push for the best outcome for his or her client and especially for the child.