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Do I still need an attorney if I choose divorce mediation?

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Divorce Mediation

A new generation has come of age, and with the hypothetical “changing of the guard,” younger adults are changing the way certain matters have traditionally been handled by their parents and grandparents. The tech age has produced alternative options for how people work, raise families and generally live life. In keeping with the trend of change, many New Jersey adults are exploring divorce mediation as an alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce. 

Divorce mediation is an attractive solution to many couples that have chosen to end their marriages. Advantages like lower cost and a shorter timetable are a draw for hard-working adults that fear a long, drawn-out court battle is a waste of valuable financial resources. Divorce is also an emotional process, and choosing mediation can reduce stress by providing a more intimate setting where divorcing parties are both focused on sorting out the details of a split, rather than battling each other with personal attacks in open court. 

People may think that choosing mediation may negate the need for an experienced attorney, but divorce mediators have spoken out to the contrary. Experts say bringing a good attorney on board is one way to prepare for the process of mediation because divorce is a legal process, and hiring an experienced person to represent a client can help ensure that a person is not taken advantage of or misinformed during a divorce. An attorney can be a powerful ally during any sort of divorce. 

If a New Jersey resident is ready to explore the option of divorce mediation, he or she can contact a knowledgeable local attorney. An attorney can help a client get the process started and represent his or her interests during a divorce. With a helping hand that knows the laws, a person can keep their cool during the proceedings and look forward to a fresh beginning after a marriage ends.