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What to expect from a high asset divorce with no prenup in place

by | Dec 26, 2019 | High Asset Divorce

Each week, New Jersey residents tune in with viewers across the country to catch the latest episode of a favorite television show. Reality shows continue to keep viewers hooked, and people wait all week to see what the stars will do next. Shows like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” often feature the cast members going through major life events. Over the years, the show’s faithful following has witnessed weddings, child birth, graduations and other milestone moments, most recently including a high asset divorce

Kenya Moore returned to the show in 2019, taking a massive cut in pay after being previously fired. Moore was always a fan favorite, so viewers were shocked to learn that she had been sacked for failing to tell anyone, even the show’s producers, that she was married and expecting a child. She returned to the show, but it soon became clear there was trouble in paradise. Moore and her husband were caught on camera in the middle of a heated argument, and they announced soon after that they were getting a divorce. 

Moore then revealed that, when the couple was preparing to marry, her husband refused to discuss a prenuptial agreement. They proceeded with the marriage anyway, even though the couple does not share a residence and, in fact, maintain separate households in different states. Moore’s husband is a successful businessman and reportedly earns more money than his estranged wife. With no prenup, a court will have to decide how to divide the couple’s assets and configure a custody order for their minor child. 

If a New Jersey resident is preparing for a high asset divorce, he or she may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a complicated legal process. The first step many people take is to seek experienced legal representation. Ending a marriage can be an emotionally taxing experience, and a reliable attorney can help a client feel confident that his or her hard-earned money and assets will not be wiped out due to a failed marriage.