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Divorce mediation expert offers tips for co-parenting

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

It can be rough on children when parents split up. Many New Jersey parents may be stressing about choosing the perfect gift for a child, and when parents are divorced, it may feel like a competition with the other parent. A divorce mediation professional offers tips to ease the worry and strife. 

Parents should keep the happiness and well-being of the shared child first and foremost in the decision-making. While it may be tempting to outdo the other parent, this can make an occasion stressful for the child. If parents are able to communicate civilly, it is helpful to work together. Parents can agree on a basic budget each will follow for gift buying, and decide who the child will receive gifts from. Some parents choose to give gifts separately and others may have children that believe Santa has delivered them, but no matter what the traditions are, working together can make the experience magical for a child. 

Divorce mediation is growing in popularity. Many people do not want a long drawn-out court battle. Mediation can be a faster and more economical way to finalize a divorce. The need for mediation might not end when the ink dries on a divorce judgment, and may be needed in the future for things like holiday planning, school tuition, and other matters faced by divorced parents. 

When New Jersey residents opt for divorce mediation, they may not be aware that they are allowed to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can help a client make sure that his or her voice is heard in mediation, and ensure that any agreements made are fully understood and properly drafted before a client signs. While mediation is viewed as a less rigorous and stressful way to get divorced, it is still a legal process, and people should not hesitate to allow a professional to help with the process.