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Divorce and child support: is there such a thing as too much?

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Divorce

New Jersey residents tune in with the rest of the nation to watch Good Morning, America, a long-running television program that mixes news and current events with pop culture, fashion trends, recipes and other topics of interest. Through the years, the show has seen several hosts, and former NFL star Michael Strahan has become a fan favorite. Though viewers may feel as if the program’s hosts are personal friends, they may be surprised to learn that even celebrities often face the same hardships as “regular people” when it comes to divorce and child support

Currently, Strahan is facing litigation involving his ex wife and the amount of child support he must pay. The former couple are mother and father to twin girls. Currently, his ex wife wants a court to sign off on a child support amount of over $18,000 a month, but Strahan feels the amount is unreasonable, citing that the number far exceeds the actual cost of raising the girls.

Strahan’s celebrity status means that the general public is sometimes privy to private legal details, and fans seem to have taken sides. Some have taken to social media to voice the opinion that child support should be proportionate to a parent’s income, and Strahan, a well paid celebrity, should not complain about the amount. Others oppose this thinking, reasoning that a wealthy parent should not be punished for his or her financial success. This is a topic that is relevant to divorced parents from all walks of life, and many are anxious to learn how the court will rule. 

When New Jersey parents go through a divorce, child support can become a point of contention. A parent facing similar court proceedings may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client work toward a legal outcome that is in the best interest of any children involved so that children need not go without the financial support they need to grow up happy, healthy and provided for by both parents.