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Matt Lauer’s high asset divorce case could be coming to an end

by | Aug 23, 2018 | High Asset Divorce

Celebrity divorces always seem to make the news, and there always seem to be a number of them going on at the same time. Right now, one of the most heavily-covered high asset divorces is the one that Matt Lauer is involved in with his wife.

By now, many of our readers in New Jersey know the background of how Lauer’s relationship with his wife broke down. Lauer was the subject of allegations of lurid sexually-related conduct at his former workplace, national news network NBC. In November of last year, he was fired based on the allegations. To date, Lauer has not re-entered any type of news-related employment, and has been dealing with his divorce case.

Now, recent reports state that Lauer may be wrapping up his divorce case, with a reported payout to his wife of $20 million. Lauer, as a nationally recognized news anchor, obviously did well for himself financially, but his high asset divorce is going to take its toll on his financial situation. But, according to the reports, Lauer is more concerned with moving past the divorce case so that the couple can focus on their children as they move forward into post-divorce life.

Any divorce has the potential to become complicated, but high asset divorces can involve issues that are not only complex, but can come with life-long consequences as well. In a case like Lauer’s, he may be parting ways with a significant amount of money to end his divorce case. But, every divorce is different, which means that other couples may be able to reach different resolutions depending on the issues in question.